Phil Wittmer provides personal training services for individuals, working one-on-one with clients. He also regularly leads workshops, group training sessions and fitness consultation services for corporate clients - if you'd like more information for corporate rates and services, please contact Phil directly.


At Wittmer Performance Phil offers high quality personal training sessions designed specifically to target your strength, cardio, and mobility to most effectively meet your health and fitness goals. 
  • Lose weight and significantly improve your health
  • Increase your speed and power for sports
  • Gain professional-level motivation and consistency to keep you ENGAGED each workout
  • Build strength, confidence and an incredible body towards a healthier life... starting today!


"Phil has been a huge reason for my success on the lacrosse floor. I have gone from the 3rd string goalie to sharing time as the starter. This past season I played all of our playoff games and won the NLL Championship!"

Tyler Richards - Washington Starz

Step 1: Identify Any Weak Links
Whether it is a past injury, muscle imbalance, or just bad posture, Phil will expertly walk you through steps to quickly identify which areas need to be targeted - whether it's to lose weight, improve your health or gain a faster, stronger body. 
Step 2: Build a Strong Foundation
Through applied science, appropriate programming and direct on-on-one motivation, Phil will design a program that will build you from the ground up minimizing the risk for injuries. Using the latest science and techniques, you will start seeing noticeable improvements in just a short number of weeks. Phil is an expert in motivation, developing consistency and getting you on track to looking forward to your highly effective one-on-one sessions.
Step 3: Maximizing Performance Potential
Whether you're a professional athlete, weekend warrior or someone who's simply looking to lose a few pounds and improve their health, Wittmer Performance will build a personalized plan for you that will look at several different aspects that can improve upon the whole. Not only will Phil guide you smoothly through your workouts and track all your progress, he will also build a strong fitness knowledge base and understanding that will last you the rest of your life.
Build a strong foundation of knowledge on how to exercise correctly, which workouts are best for your specific goals and how to come full circle with your plan. This knowledge will last a lifetime!

"The best thing about working with Phil is that he's been with me through all stages, from a 100% clueless chubby newb to someone determined to change their life, through to where I am now with personal fitness being a major focus for me. Through all of this he's been supportive and motivating, tailoring his approach and his methods to what was appropriate for me at the time."

Jessica Bentley


Choosing Wittmer Performance

Personal Training is the fastest and most effective way to achieving high impact, noticeable results. Phil has trained with a wide range of clients - from middle aged individuals first stepping into the gym, to professional athletes - to quickly and efficiently help them achieve their fitness goals. 
Everybody is different, and pushing yourself beyond your current limits can be very challenging all on your own. Side-by-side with a professional trainer is the fastest and safest path to a more powerful body, and is the best investment you can make in yourself.

The Next Step: Get Your Free Fitness Consultation Session ($110 Value)

Phil offers a personal one-on-one session to sit down and discuss your fitness history. It's an opportunity to speak with an expert about YOUR specific health and fitness goals and any past injuries that may affect your training. 
You get the chance to sit down with a professional, ask any questions, and discover the best exercises and fitness regiment for you. This includes a full dietary and fitness analysis, and you will gain first-hand knowledge of what you should (and shouldn't) be doing at the gym. 
To sign-up up your free consultation please fill out our brief Fitness Assessment Form, so we can gain a little bit more information about you. All information is kept strictly confidential.